75% cut in Dalits’ share in Aam Aadmi Party’s Delhi Budget

[Tweet “It is nothing new that no matter which government comes to power, Dalits are always ignored. “]

Earlier, this year, Budget presented by BJP government did cut the share of Dalit’s funds and now AAP has cut about 75% in the share of Dalit’s funds. 75% cut in Dalit’s share in Delhi budget is shameful, when crimes and atrocities on Dalits are increasing governments are spending less to prevent those and improve the situation of Dalits. In-fact these governments must spend more on Dalits if they are really interested in improving the situations of Dalits. Just like any other government, Delhi government not addressing inequality and caste discrimination.

[Tweet “There is no difference between AAP, Congress or BJP, all discriminate against Dalits. “]

This is the reason that Dr. Ambedkar had advised us not to join these parties.

Will caste discrimination against Dalits ever end? Definitely not till governments are not willing. Dalits must get united and fight against such discrimination.



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