What do India’s Women, the Working class & History students need today?

What do India’s Women, the Working class & History students need today? A small girl holding a crucial message board for all of us.



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One response to “What do India’s Women, the Working class & History students need today?

  1. India’s History is nothing but the battle between Buddhism & Brahminism.”…………….. Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar.

    This is the statement of the most prolific student of India, who had achieved mastery over many subjects including that of Economics, Philosophy, Sociology, Law, & of course History! He authored more than 54 Books & numerous essays on various subjects mainly concerning problems the colonial – country was facing. The problems facing a newly Independent, youngest and same time the biggest nation democratically founded – India.

    Although during his time as a free thinker He didn’t get to enjoy critical praise for his understanding of problems and their solutions, He is increasingly becoming A National Hero,

    Internationally A towering Icon of Human- Rights! As the intellectual giant’s work that has been overshadowed For many decades by the petty politics & the artificial euphoria of Independence waning away, and
    With the Indian democracy waking up to find itself graduated from early childhood into a Youthful Nation. Today He Easily tops among the bestselling Author, His Incredible Writings and its unbelievable Relevance with the Problems facing Young India, is so astonishing that no wonder He is being termed as The Founding Father of Modern India. …………..

    All of this fame wasn’t easy to come-by. Dr. Ambedkar is simply at his best answering the criticism by his abusers that shows some incredible foresight when he writes “at present, I am the most hated man in Hindu – India. I am presented as the greatest enemy of this country, but believe me, after some time when the dust settles down and review of the history is taken by the future generations, my services to this nation will be acclaimed!” …………………

    Now coming back to Dr. Ambedkar first statement given here what did he mean when he said that indian history is the battle between Buddhism and Brahminism? His writings are sometimes full of such apparently bit hard to understand statements, especially when the reader doesn’t read his essays thoroughly.


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