India – A country where Dalits get beating if their shadow falls on high caste

In a shocking incident, a minor Dalit girl was allegedly thrashed by higher caste women in Ganeshpura village here after the victim’s shadow fell on a upper caste person. The episode enraged the family of the muscle-man to such an extent that they severely beat the girl and threatened to kill her if she was spotted again at the hand pump.

When will these crimes stop? When will Dalits be able to let live peacefully by so called upper castes in India? At one place so called upper castes claim that Dalits are Hindus but at the same time so called upper castes treat Dalits so badly, worse than animals. It has been happening since thousands of years, nothing has changed for the Dalits in India.

Till now, no government has taken serious steps to stop such acts. Police, government and media stay silent over such acts. It is shameful but true. We demand strong action against such acts, criminals should be punished heavily for caste based crimes.

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One response to “India – A country where Dalits get beating if their shadow falls on high caste

  1. The incident of thrashing of a dalit is really worth condemnation by all right thinking people. The people who has done this are unethical and uncivilized but to publicise it the world over is also not ethical. Our law enforcing machine and the judiciary are there to look after every aspect. We can take care all the weaknesses in our system prevalent since long. Mere criticizing can hardly do.


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