Price of 2 Dalit Lives – Rs. 4 ($0.016)

In Ghoorpur, Allahabad, Brahmans shot dead 2 young Dalits in dispute over rupee 4. It is not the first time such incidents that have come into news. Dalits are killed for having ringtone of Dr. Ambedkar on their mobiles. Dalits are killed if they walk from this and that road. Dalits are killed if they don’t remove shoes while walking in-front of Brahmans houses, Dalits in India are killed for any reason.

Further, in most of the cases in courts, such criminals don’t get any punishment as according to one report, around 78% judges are from upper castes so what justice Dalits can expect from such people? No, India denies justice to Dalits and minority communities.

I was reading comments under the article on TOI, people were justifies the killings of Dalits, such a shame that so called upper castes people supporting the killing of Dalits! Such is the nature of so called upper castes in India!

Till when all this keep on going in India? When we as Dalits will wake up and fight against all these injustices? We must protest against such incidents and let Indian government know that Dalit lives do matter!

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