4th June, birth anniversary of Krishnaraja Wadiyar IV, Bahujan King of Mysore

4th June, birth anniversary of Krishnaraja Wadiyar IV, Bahujan King of Mysore.

Under his rule, he worked for the upliftment of the weaker society –

  • Formation of Mysore Social Progress Association in 1915 to empower weaker section of society.
  • Banning child marriage (girls bellow age 8).
  • First Indian state to enfranchise women (1923).
  • Effort to eradicate un-touchability
    – starting separate school for un-touchable
    – sponsoring scholarship for un-touchable
    – put an effort to give entrance to untouchables to temple at Gunja Narasimhaswamy at T.Narasipura and permission to use public wells and tank
    – Gave land near Ashokapuram in Mysore so that they can earn their livings by growing betel nut leaves (named Mysore Chigurele)
  • Kadhara Sahakara Sangha in 1925 Tagdhur which helped villagers to earn livings
  • Implementation of Reservation Policy for Backward and Depressed class
  • Special importance for girl education and scholarship for widowed girl

Apart from all this he opened many schools and colleges and provided reservation to non-brahmins backward classes including Muslims.

Krishnaraja Wadiyar IV

Krishnaraja Wadiyar IV

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