Pledge – Say No To Hindu Temples!

Did you know?

Brahmins in India have 100% reservation in temples, where they earn in billions every year and most of that money is spent on anti-Dalit, anti-Muslim and anti-minority activities.

First, even after 100% reservation in temples, where there is so much money, Brahmins hate Dalit-Bahujans and hate representation of Dalit-Bahujans in every field. Why?

Secondly, we must stop going to Hindu temples and stop donating there as most of it is used against us only, so no wise person will go and donate there.

Say No To Hindu Temples

Say No To Hindu Temples

Apart from all these, almost every day Dalits are stopped from entering the temples, many Dalits are boycotted, killed just because some so called upper castes hate them. Let’s take pledge that we won’t go to Hindu religious places that discriminate and that don’t treat human as a human. Are you ready for it? Pledge and let me know in the comments. It is a time to “Say No to Hindu Temples”.



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10 responses to “Pledge – Say No To Hindu Temples!

  1. Gyanendra

    I fully agree…my entire family left all sort of activities ….”We have taken pledge , not to burn, throw and donate” any of our resources… except to our close relatives in emergencies…


  2. why one should go to such hopeless place where humanity is not respected?


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  4. vinayarakkhita

    Being educated and having seen movies like PK yet if people are not able to grasp the truth what can we call them ? Mentally retarded ???


  5. Ruman Sutradhar

    I hav already stopped going to temples from few years…true to say wen I dint know abt caste practices in South Assam(as is said by the people here) I also used to donate.but it’s all over…i support your views..everyone should join!
    Jai Bhim!!


  6. dr.pushpalatha

    I totally agree with you. we should stop going to temples


  7. All dalits should stop visiting hindu’s temples/riligious places and stop donating to these places instead support the poor/needy dalit men ,women and children.THANX.m n das

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