What Merit? In Punjab, Class 12th, Dalit Girl got 7th position and a Muslim Girl became topper

In the latest declared result of class 12th by Punjab School Education Board, in which more than 3 Lakh students appeared, a Dalit girl, named Namrata, from Jalandhar has 443 marks out of 450 in the medical stream and overall got 7th position in the merit list. Also, she is topper in Jalandhar. (Merit list is made combined of different streams such as Commerce, Non-Medical, Medical etc) Namrata achieved this position despite having poor family background and without any coaching. Read more about her from Lokleader [in Punjabi] and here.

Namrata on left (Photo Credit Lokleader)

Namrata on left (Photo Credit Lokleader)

Further, overall topper in class 12th is Saima Rashid, (as name suggests she is Muslim girl), she got perfect 100% score! Read more about her here.

Congratulations to both!

When toppers are from Dalit-Bahujan communities, what merit so called Brahmins and upper castes talk about all the time? Few years back, V. T. Rajshekar had said,

“all ruling classes built” a theory by suited to their needs and try to give a ‘scientific’ backing to it. Merit and efficiency is a pure Aryan invention, aimed at maintaining their monopoly”.

Check also – How Brahmins are enjoying reservation since ages – The History of Reservation in India.



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2 responses to “What Merit? In Punjab, Class 12th, Dalit Girl got 7th position and a Muslim Girl became topper

  1. Dr Tripti Sinha

    If dalits are so confident about their merit why are they so reluctant to let go of the reservation privilege and just ask for study facilities and opportunities to enable them to compete with the upper castes on an “equal opportunities” basis.That would give them respect from the upper class also.But most of them have malafide intentions and prefer to have reservation rather than genuine respect.They don’t care if the current reservation policy brings down the whole country just to pamper and appease the most undeserving and selfish amongst them.


    • What about Brahmin privileges? What about 100% reservation that Brahmins enjoy in temples? Has caste discrimination ended? We recommend government to stop pampering Brahmins sitting idle at temples and begging since ages. Throw them out and make them work and teach them what it feels to work and earn – not just begging throughout life and enjoying!


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