The History of Reservation in India

Caste Based Reservation in India started in 2nd Century BC. In Manusmriti – the law book of Brahmins all the laws were based on Caste and no Merit was ever considered. It divided people into High and Low Castes on the basis of their birth and not on the basis of Merit. Wealth, Political power, Spiritual leadership, Education, Ownership of Land, Trade and all lucrative aspects were reserved purely to the higher castes.

The History of Reservation

The History of Reservation



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2 responses to “The History of Reservation in India

  1. no brahmin has invented anything except the aparthied caste system.the people who struggle and work inspite of the hardships only will invent things.such as skin tanners cobblers, tailors, black smiths etc. wonder all inventions came from abroad. the asurs were barred from education coz the upper caste fears their intteligence.


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