Behan Mayawati paid tribute to Lord Buddha on Buddha Purnima

On the eve (Sunday, 3rd May, 2015) of Buddha Purnima Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) chief Behan Mayawati paid tribute to Lord Buddha and said Lord Buddha worked for the casteless society and his teachings are still valid.

Behan Mayawati paid tribute to Lord Buddha on Buddha Purnima

Behan Mayawati paid tribute to Lord Buddha on Buddha Purnima

It must be remembered here that it was not the first instance that Behan Mayawati has remembered Lord Buddha. She has been working continuously on the ideas of Lord Buddha and has played a vital role in the establishment of Gautam Buddha Nagar, Noida. During Behan Mayawati’s government, she made many memorials and educational institutes on the name of Lord Buddha. such as Gautam Buddha University.

Behan Mayawati with Buddhist Monks

Behan Mayawati with Buddhist Monks

Apart from that no-one can forget Behan Mayawati’s role in the creation of Dalit-bahujans history eg. Dr. Ambedkar Park at Lucknow. If we want to make India Buddha-may, we need BSP in power, so I request everyone to support BSP and it’s activities.  Only when we will have power and we will have our own government we can do anything for our icons and our ideals.



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3 responses to “Behan Mayawati paid tribute to Lord Buddha on Buddha Purnima

  1. I was very happy to read that Bahanji MS Mayawati was celebrating Lord Budha’s Birth Day by paying tribute.

    I would prefer that Bahanji should be on the “Street” to meet ordinary “Budhist,so called neo-budhists and to those Dalits who still have not made up their mind to accept Budhism,I don’t expect other HIndus to join her.New Delhi is NOT the only place where Budhist live.
    Since she is not in power,it provides her great opportunity to lead the Baba Saheb DR. Ambedkar’s caravan towards Budhism, to me that is far more important because as Dr. Ambedkar said there must be a Religious revolution prior to a political revolution. The current political situation for dalits is pathetic, we send dalit politicians who are like “Three monkeys–Thogh shall not see, not speak and not see.”

    Blacks conditions in America is not that great just because they have Black President, because Mr. President has to face System, ingrained social culture, social values etc.She herself knows the limitations of politics during her tenure as CM of U.P and now you can the see unruly state of U.P.
    My suggestion to her will be to give a big thrust to Budhism, even if she is 50% successful, she has carved her name as a Budhist in the 1.5-2Billion Budhist people of the world

    It is sad that Budhism has become from missionary religion to a Monastic religion, otherwise how it could spread far beyond Indian territory?

    Dr. Berwa


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  3. While this country’s caste system profess 1st,2nd,3rd,4th rate athmas (souls) and the
    Untouchables having no soul and could be ill treated, The Buddha never
    believed in any soul. He said all are equal. Hence DR Ambedkar wanted
    all in this Jambudipa to return back to their original home Buddhism.
    Kanshiram wanted the same and now Mayawati is following this tradition
    for Sarvajan Hitaye Sarvajan Sukhaye i.e., for Peace, welfare and
    happiness of all societies. To achieve this all the fraud EVMs have to
    be replaced with fool proof voting as followed by all the 80 democracies
    of the world. Till such time all Central and State Governments selected
    through these fraud EVMs must be scrapped. The Supreme Court had
    ordered to replace all these fraud EVMs while the ex CJI Sathasivan committed a
    grave error of judgement by ordering them to be replaced in phases as suggested by the
    ex CEC Sampath because of the Cost (Rs1600 crores) involved in replacing
    them with fool proof voting system. Again the Supreme Court must order
    for replacement of all fraud EVMs. Till such time the world will not
    recognise any fraud activity of the Murderers of deadmocreytic institutions (Modi),

    First the 1% terrorist, errorist, militant, violent, stealth hindutva cult

    chitpawan brahmin RSS’s Bahuth Jiyadha Paapis (BJP)grabbed the MASTER KEY

    through fraud EVMs for Murderers of deadmocreytic institutions (Modi),

    Now to sustain the MASTER KEY they started grabbing Dr Ambedkar who successfully

    revived Buddhism and the Buddha the Awakened One with Awareness. Playing with the

    Awakened One with Awareness will not work since it is not just a theory, but a practice.

    Eating the cake of practicing untouchability and having Buddhism at the same time wont work.


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