Why wearing Thaali (Mangalsutra) is disgraceful

“The ritual of tying a “thaali” (or mangalsutra) around the woman’s neck at the marriage ceremony and considering her to be his slave is similar to buying a buffalo, tying a cord around its neck and dragging it home.


It is considered that the practice of tying a “thaali” (or mangalsutra) around a women’s neck is to provide the identity of marital status, to establish the right as someone’s wife and to prevent other men from falling in love with that woman.

If that is so, is it not essential for men also to wear a sign that identifies their marital status and prevents other women from falling in love with them?”

– Periyar, rationalist and social activist described by United Nations as the father of social reform movement and Prophet of New Age.

Read also – 21 married women removed their “thali” on the 124th birth anniversary of B.R.Ambedkar.



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4 responses to “Why wearing Thaali (Mangalsutra) is disgraceful

  1. Marriage doesn’t need symbols, to uphold its longevity.


  2. dharini

    Thali is a casteist symbol, In Tamilnadu ladies identify their caste counterparts and sometimes even the caste differences too


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  4. Rashtrapita Jotirao Phule explained this (with reference to anti-human ‘Sati’) in his world famous book गुलामगिरी (Gulamgiri)


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