A Reply to Swachcha Bharat – Clean the Caste Dirt in your Mind

Why do you expect only the Dalits to clean your street? Why do you force untouchables to carry your carrion and filth? You caste people have the filth, the dirt in your mind, in your philosophy, in your knowledge system. That is why we don’t improve. In the west, the janitor and the manager go out of the office hand in hand, once their duty is over; attend the same party with their families as friends. Their hierarchy ends at the office, maximum 40 hours a week. Besides and beyond, both the janitor and the manager are friends.
Why this decency of role-function, disconnect between office and home doesn’t become our public morality? There, the managers children will become janitor if they don’t perform well and the janitor’s children will become manager if they make it. Is it possible in India? Unless India sheds off its caste mind, caste ethics, caste consciousness, India will continue to be shamed in the world. Until then, our politicians, bureaucrats, casteist civil society members will only “clean the cleaned streets”, but not the drainage, filthy public toilets, stinking urinals in the bus stations, carry the filth on the railway tracks, etc. Let them do clean there.

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Remove the caste from your mind, from your religious ceremonies (such ceremonies only pollute, stink the Gangas. If only caste people stop throwing human bodies in the Ganges, throw all the statues, religious garbage in the Ganges, it will automatically become clean in a year or two. One need not spend even one crore to clean it), from your consciousness, India will be clean physically, mentally, morally and spiritually.
So, stop speaking about cleanliness without cleaning your caste, your religion and your way of behaviour. Until then, India will stink and Indian will carry the dirt/filth wherever they go. Clean your mind, clean your value system and everything will become clean in no time.

By – Selvaraj


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