Upcoming movie – 500 : A Battle of Koregaon

An Untold History, A Battle of Self-Respect, Dignity and Co-Existence. A Saga of a Subjugated Society which tells a true story of Bravery & Fortitude & how 28000 soldiers were killed by 500.

Also read about 1st January,1818: The Battle of Bhima Koregaon and watch Documentary on Bhima Koregaon



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8 responses to “Upcoming movie – 500 : A Battle of Koregaon

  1. Sachet

    Jai bhim
    I need a help
    Need writings of baba saheb ambedkar on Bhimakoregao battle the writing should be of babasaheb bcoz he provides the perfect references and I need references please do reply me


  2. Anybody don’t know koregauon history every Indian should have watch this history


  3. After knowing the history of koregoan bhima feeling so proud to become a mahar…..JAI BHIM


  4. Its Amazing……Wow What a History……I feel Proud……


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  7. Laxman pawar

    Waiting for a movie..when its releasing any idea??


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