Ghetto Democracy

 They say – in ghettos

Filthy people live,

Drug dealers settle drug deals,

Prostitutes sell their bodies,

Obnoxious people, infected with crime,

  Live like cockroaches.


Full of trash, garbage of rich people,

Gutters overflowing into streets,

Dirty huts, broken panes,

Filthy mattress, torn tents,

Muddy roads, like passes of rats,

Graffiti on bumpy road-sides, “Be your own light”.


Pregnant teenager girls, babies sold,

Cheap booze, men beat women,

No money, no food,

Empty bellies, babies crying of hunger,

Someone caught, trying to steal food. 


People try to sleep in peace,

With animals under the same roof,

Thugs roam, robbing weak,

Kids hustle, selling weed,

Pimps prowl, making money,

Garbage pickers struggling,

Ghettos lack snooze,

Ghettos never sleep.

Loud cries, crooked cops and gun-shots,

Fanatic religious people,

Tonight in ghetto,

Someone’s hut is gonna burn down,

Someone’s gonna bleed, witness more killings,

Someone’s gonna arrested, someone’s gonna shot,

Someone’s gonna raped, someone’s gonna assaulted,

Someone’s ailing, someone’s dying,

No money, no treatment,

Ghettos are torture, hard to survive,

People’s dilemma, people’s struggle,

People fight, strive to make life.

Last day,

A rich came, ate, and slept in ghetto,

Trembled at the sight of misery,

Showed sympathy, shed crocodile tears,

Fled away in Mercedes next day,

Never to be seen again,

Ghetto Democracy, ghetto hypocrisy.

Don’t judge,

From the places people live,

People’s belief, people’s faith,

May seem, people in ghettos have borrowed lives,

But, in ghettos,

People dream – schools, hospitals – better life,

Listen their strife; help fulfil their dreams,

People live, people share,

Ghettos are full of love and care,

Believe – God lives with people in ghettos.



Filed under Caste Discrimination, Dalit-Bahujans, Dr B R Ambedkar, Equal Rights

4 responses to “Ghetto Democracy

  1. Baba saheb ambdekar is the one who had a strong vision and a mission,But he was not well recognized or was well ignored by the modern india and the modern medias.


  2. jaibhim,i am very pleased and honoured to have such great collection of babasaheb.
    i was waiting for the same opportunity thank you very much sir


  3. siva

    nice one.i want the poor to be aware and more intelligent,to survive.
    dont fer struggle hard to make history.


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