Upcoming movie: 500 The Battle of Koregaon

From the director of movie Shudra – The Rising, another movie is going to come into picture, named 500 – The Battle of Koregaon.

You can check out the trailer of the movie from this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yS1QDz0H6X8

It is a story of glorious victory of few hundred untouchable soldiers over numerically superior Peshwas army in the battle of Koregaon, fought on 1st January, 1818. I had written on it almost a year back, you can read about it at 1st January, 1818 – The Battle of Bhima Koregaon.

You can also check out the official page of the upcoming movie at http://sanjivjaiswal.com.tracs.in/?page_id=166


500 - The Battle of Bhima Koregaon

500 – The Battle of Bhima Koregaon




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100 responses to “Upcoming movie: 500 The Battle of Koregaon

  1. when the movie 500 battle of koregaon……… will RELEASE.


  2. vijay

    I was not knowing about this battle,becoz no weightage was given for this Historical milestone of india in our school/college days .Bravery of shudras can strongly advocates the great potential our country was/is having.But only caste system has drained our potential.I will watch this movie 10 times.


  3. manoj

    respected sir, very few possesses the heart of bravery and you are one of them…. salute to you


  4. rahul waghmare

    can i get this movie


  5. dashrath

    great work keep it up sir


  6. Vishal kale

    I am very thankful 2 u sir,this is so big work fr u..do best,i hope this film will win oscar prize


  7. Pratik gawai

    The great works……..Once again……….!!!!!!!!!!!!……For these inspirable film once again thanks U sanjeevsir….!!!.


  8. Pratik gawai

    One of the great horriable war in indian history….The whole event is once again take place in front off us by these amazing film……..Thanks sanjay and team….!!!!!!!


  9. nitin

    wow…..mind blowing trailer…..newer knew that dalit cinema can produce movies of this quality……


  10. jagadish olekar

    jai dheem jai buddha sir i seen the picture shuudra rialy a very pain full film not film uts tru film


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