500 – The Battle of Bhima Koregaon

13 responses to “500-poster-i

  1. raju bansode

    a lot of thanks for making this movie sir


  2. hardik vaghela

    Thank u sir for making this movie


  3. suraj kumar

    a long time watch the dalit movie we need the movie


  4. Amit zende

    What the release date movie


  5. Vijendra Dharma Padwal

    Very Hartwarming, Humble Thanks to Mr. Sanjiv Jaiswalji for putting his effort on making kind of film. But it was really very much expected challenge of corrupt,shrude plans of manuwadis making movie and releasing “Baajirao Mastani-2015” Before Sanjiv Jaiswal’s movie of “Battle of Bhima Koregaon”. intentionally his release dates might have delayed or might be his funds has been sacked…..something might have caused which has not made movie to release…This is the bitter truth of modern INDIA..we have been waiting for this movies release dates…

    Vijendra Dharma Padwal


  6. dayanand adsul

    jay hhim…

    since long time i was also thinking of the …why dont somebody try to make movie on this subject ? and am very glad seeing your comments on this …and one more thing this is not a easy to make a movie if this really come true..it must have a fiction and graphics like bahubali or any hollywood movies…
    as well as thinking of making a movie like a shivajiraje bhosale boltoy title for t movie is “jevha babasaheb aathavatat”


  7. sushant

    salut for sanjiv jaiswal u doing good job..we proud of u..all the best jay bhim


  8. hoohalli nagaraj

    Paramita trust kolar karnataka


  9. nitesh ashok bansode

    Real Indian history which destroy intentionally..



    indian history , another side of a coin


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