Please visit and support Jai Bhim Network, Hungary

Few days’ back, as I wrote on the Jai Bhim Network (Hungary) and new church law prohibiting Jai Bhim Network from its activities. Jai Bhim Network has launched new website to appeal Buddhists, well-wishers and guards of freedom around the world to support Jai Bhim Network, Hungary.

Please visit the link and support Jai Bhim Network.

Dr Ambedkar in Hungary – Activities of Jai Bhim Network, Hungary

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34 responses to “Please visit and support Jai Bhim Network, Hungary

  1. pradeepkumar patekar

    jay bhim for all my brother & sisters


  2. hardik

    jay bhim



    lord buddha is one of greatest scientist


  4. bharat chavan

    jai bhim


  5. I visited Hungary for my research work in the University of Szeged. I find the rural Roma communities in Hungary are getting more constraints to live.


  6. Pradeep Narwade

    more inform me to jay bhim network my e mail id


  7. manoj eknath tayade

    good information is given by this website


  8. Friendship is the Greatest!
    If glad-2-get User-Friendly Early Buddhism by e-mail,
    then click ‘Subscribe to/Join this Google group’ here:
    Have a Nice, Noble and Easy day!
    Bhikkhu Samahita 🙂 _/\_


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