On Khushwant Singh and his father’s role in Bhagat Singh’s death

In last two weeks, I have read three articles (two in HT and one in Ajit newspaper) by Khushwant Singh and all of them are about ‘clearing the air on his father’s – Shoba Singh – role in the testimony of Bhagat Singh.’ i.e. Sobha Singh identified and testified against Bhagat Singh in Lahore court. Khushwant Singh has already many a times denied that his father’s testimony led Bhagat Singh to death.

The recent controversy came into picture when Khushwant Singh asked to name one of the roads in the Delhi after his father’s name. In the recent article, he has again said almost on the same lines and asked ‘is speaking a truth crime?’ and in another article he as emphasized his father’s role in building the Connaught Palace of Delhi, hospitals, schools, pingalwara in Amritsar and many more buildings and trusts. (Yes, his father was builder and people used to say he owns half the Delhi). In another article he said his father was sitting in the court where Bhagat Singh and his friends planted bombs and police arrested his father also. His father’s role was to identify the persons who blasted in-front of him and his father did the same. There is another fact that his father was ‘Knighted’ after almost 15years of the Bhagat Singh’s death and some people believe that his father got it for testifying against Bhagat Singh. I didn’t know the fact about the testimony till last week but I’ve seen many “Sikhs” don’t like Khushwant Singh and I was naive to think that Sikhs dislike him because Khushwant Singh supported ‘Emergency’ and because of his Sardar jokes! But here was another reason – his father’s testimony against Bhagat Singh – that might have led Sikhs to dislike him. I don’t understand why people consider his father responsible for the death of Bhagat Singh. Records have shown that Bhagat Singh himself have pleaded guilty then where is the question of Khushwant Singh’s father’s testimony?  Also, when from the childhood we Indians teach our kids not to lie then why people are demanding any explanation for speaking the truth?  I believe Khushwant Singh’s writings against the saffron people have led him into all these controversies.

I’m very much fond of Khushwant Singh’s writings and first time I’m seeing him helpless in his writings – defending his father. I’ve read many books written by Khushwant Singh such as ‘Gods and Godmen of India’, ‘Company of Women’, ‘Train to Pakistan’, Joke Books etc and many articles written by him for various newspapers. I’ve never seen such a pain in his articles as I read in last three. I want old ‘mischievous’ man be spared from all these controversies and people should recognize him as one of the best writers of Indian history. His father was visionary and a great contractor, builder –who build the Delhi. Give them the due credit!

(Written on 18/08/2011 at 9:15am)

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15 responses to “On Khushwant Singh and his father’s role in Bhagat Singh’s death

  1. Sabyasachi Das

    Why dont we name the Delhi road “Shahid VAGAT Singh Avenue” & sent Kushwant singh to pakistan as a gift.


  2. khuswant singh is a c-grade writer…he must be exported to traitors,through his TRAIN TO PAKISATAN


  3. kumar

    Those who don’t know, kushwanth sings father was a contractor for Britishers. His lifestyle is more of British. He is not interested in Indian independence. According to one eye witness Bhagat Singh doesn’t have pistol in his hand on that day (the day they threw smoke bombs). But Sobha Singh (Kushwanth Singh’s father) given false statement saying that Bhagath sing has pistol and also fired at people. This added the strength to the case. Now people should decide. What is great about Sobha Singh?. Other than getting the title ‘Sir’ from Britishers. Why Britishers given ‘Sir’ ????. People who can do real reasearch (not on internet blogs) can shed some light on this.


  4. param

    I am a sikh and dislike khushwant because
    1. He is the one who make fun of sikhs in his writings and books
    2. In one of his articles he justified the killings of sikhs by Hindu mobs in Nov.1984
    3. If anything happens in Pujab he tries to put the blame on sikhs.
    4. Though he returned Padma shri after operaton Bluestar but after that he wrote so much against the sikhs in order the nullify the return of padma shri return act.
    5. He mocks religion. I remember when he tried to moke islam, muslims protested.He backtracked. Then he tried to make fun of hindu goddess and gods.Many hindus wrote letters against him.He stopped such articles. Now sikhs are the only option for him to target, so he make fun of them in his every second article.
    Dear author, everybody knows about his fathers involvement in Bahagat singh case and u should not try to defend such person.


  5. Nitin Shah

    Dear Mr. Author you have grouping yourself with the huge group of people who just want to start voicing their opinions based on half researched topics/ affairs/ discussions (basically everything).
    Let me make a few points in this case
    a) did you give thought to the fact that Shaheed Bhagat Singh and Shaheed B K Dutt would have not been given death sentence had it not been for the testimony? Pleading guilty doesn’t warrant a death sentence which is awarded in rarest of rare cases only.

    b) Was Sobha Singh a witness to everything he testified of in the court. Or did he add a few false things to favor the case of British? Its not about testifying but what things you testify to, which matter in the court of law.

    b) The British police wanted to make a fool proof case. It seems in Sobha Singh they found the perfect witness who may twist his testimony in return for favors from the British. Please go through this link (http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/khushwant-singh-sir-sobha-singh-bhagat-singh/1/146778.html) which does conclusively proves that the testimony of Sobha Singh was a false one.

    Wine and alcohol are all fine but they are not at all relevant to this case(which is also the title of your article). hope you understand that people are protesting against Sobha Singh not only because of wine or that his son is a womanizer.


  6. ujwal

    Hi friends,

    There is nothing wrong in eating or drinking. but what wrong is one attitude, disloyalty, dishonestly, criminal attitude, forgery and working against the Nation, Society and people and family for own vested interest. Drinking alcohol and eating non veg, is not good for boy because, alcohol cripples the mind and sense organ in any form and excess taken make one use and one remain without soul just remain as vegetable. Secondly Meet eating is not good if believe, because ” When one Day we all have to Go into the Grave, than why to Make our own Stomach the Graveyard of others”. This the only reason I advice not to take, but there is nothing wrong in taking, but one also add to it, a crime towards a life (that also live like us with soul and red blood flowing in their body, gets killed helplessly by some people for make test for other and self consumption).

    Its again a question human feeling and understanding. So please do not fight and argue and accuse each other,, for these kind of matter, life has to run and will run any various form, and God has send us and keep send us with various thoughts and liking and disliking concepts. So friends take care, Say we are Indian, and our first moral duty is to serve the country in various form whatsoever can can do at our end, even by producing one child is a great job done for the nation, by contributing just one child and not adding burden to the nation’s population.. Hope this simple thing we all can do, and also caring other and standing for the truth and right cause, against the crime and criminals. Not giving bribe to the Govt. officials or Haftta to Dada/Bhai’s.

    Take care, and please try to understand what I wrote here. Pl. note one thing that whatever I have written over is out of my experience… e.g I belongs ot a non veg. family but I am a pure veg. and I never told a single lie to anyone in my life time, I am fearless and very discipline person. Many people identify me as a Military man, but I know that not single Military personnel can match or stand with my conviction, dedication, honesty, loyalty, principles and disciples that I maintain in my life, you believe it or not its in our culture and in my blood and God wish, other who come I have like this. Everything is available around us, its depends upon us what to accept and what not.

    Well there are many more thing I can share with you, but it is not possible over there, but you can reach to me, whenever you want/ if like to share your views/personal matters.

    However rest sometime, but before I close today, I must say in few years time, I will reach to you all, seeking your support in rewriting the history and constitution of India, so that every Indian gets true freedom and shade their lives from dependance on other (the so called leaders/politicians of our country). I will with your thoughts and commitments for the nation will deliver Justice and true freedom and a system you will all love live with. As the present system is not thing but slow poisoning us and killing us slowly with immoral activity & practices made under the false name of DEMOCRACY.. Jai Hind ujwal2040@gmail.com


  7. Shashi Bhushan Saurabh

    I am not interested to in sayning anything about Khushwant sing as I never read his any book or article whatever he wrtoe, but I strongly want to say that the philosophy of “Telling Truth” doesn’t stands any where and even cannever be compared as well against sacrifce of Martyrs Bhagat Singh, and please, do not try to justify the shamefull act by that Shobha.
    Sucide is a crime but sucidal attemp to save our nation is not a crime and in the name of nation, telling a lie can never be a crime. Mr. Black fire, whoever you are, injustice with nation can never be justified……


  8. Avin kumar

    Telling truth is never a crime but any truth which will prosecute a freedom fighter is always a crime.Moreover I personally didnt find kushwant singh writing of much standard.


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  10. Rajesh Patil

    I am totally surprise to see article on person like Khushwant Singh on web-site named after Dr. Ambedkar. Author seems to be aware of character of Mr. Khushwant Singh. Or Is author himself like Mr. Khushwant?

    Mr. Khushwant Singh already confesses extra-marital affairs with married women in his own book. Such type of person should have punished by law for such immoral act. And, this is one of the reason Sikh community (not everybody) do not like him. Besides drinking liquor, wine etc. are prohibited in Sikhism. But, Mr. Khushwant Singh likes drinking liquor, wine etc.

    I appeal to remove this article which has nothing to do with Ambedkar’s work. Pl. do not try to glorify such person.


    • First of all thank you Rajesh Patil for your time to read and comment. When Gandhi – the father of nation wasn’t touched for his “experiments with truth” then no-one has rights to say anything about Khushwant Singh.

      You comment that he drinks so he should be disliked made me smile! What hurts most is when I see Buddhists taking liquor and dd you know Maharashtra, where most of the Buddhists live is one of the largest producers of alcohol? Did you know there is one theory which almost every Buddhist rejects that Buddha died after eating meat. Do you dislike Buddha? Did you also know that most of the Sikhs also take alcohol these days?

      One needs to be more rational than being fanatic. And about writing on Khushwant Singh on this blog, I believe this is also my personal blog where I write concerns related to everyone in the society. And I’m like myself and no-one can become like me!

      Thank you once again for the comment.


      • Chaoseverywhere

        Your argument is based on politicians’ logic. Someone did so and so and still went scot-free. so K Singh should also be spared. Do you understand one basic difference that Gandhiji felt that what he did in the past were his mistakes/sins whereas K singh boasts and takes pride in indulging in them? If you want to worship K Singh, do it. But do not expect others to like him.
        Those Buddhists who drink are not being revered by anybody unlike K Singh whom you regard with great respect more than anybody else.
        Is K Singh the best and the most intelligent writer you have ever read?!!!

        You said that this is your personal blog. Respected. Please keep it personal. But please stay away from using Dr. Ambedkar’s name. It will be a favor to others.


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