Support Sakya Hostel Students (posters)

As I wrote here about the Sakya Hostel students few friends came forward not only with money but also with words of encouragement. We are no doubt indebted to their un-conditional support and in this post we will like to thank those friends who came forward despite their busy schedule and busy life.

Here in this post, I would like to share with you few posters created by my friend Ravi, who blogs at Veera Works.

In these posters, we have tried to appeal everyone to come forward and help Sakya Hostel to run smoothly for the betterment of students. I would like to request everyone to share these posters with your friend and help Sakya students in whatever manner one can. 

Visit Visuddhaloka blog at

Visit Visuddhaloka blog at

Visit Visuddhaloka blog at

Visit Visuddhaloka blog at

Visit Visuddhaloka blog at

Visit Visuddhaloka blog at

You can get these posters from these following links also:

Please contact: 


(Email id. )

(General Secretary)

Visuddhaloka Welfare Association Trust

Visuddhaloka, No:12/95 Subarmani Nagar, Manali New Town, Chennai – 600 103, TN

Mobile:  +91 9841 255 342.

(Please include me in CC while replying, my email id is

For More Information:

You can check out homepage of Sakya Hostel at

Pictures of Sakya Hostel students at

Visit Visuddhaloka blog at

You can check out Sakya Hostel Facebook page photos from here and find Sakya students involved in Awareness camps, Social awareness dramas and Sports events.

P. S.: Ravi is insanely interested in photography and photo editing, you can check out his pictures blog at Veera Works for more detail and if you need any help on photo editing contact him at his blog Veera Works


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