Marathi Books on Dr Ambedkar & Buddha (Free Download)

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Please check out few Marathi Books on Dr B R Ambedkar and Buddha from here and here.

Books are published by Vinimay Publications and are available for free download at the following links . You can also purchase hard copies of the books from the Vinimay Publications.

Boudha Pooja Path

Download Link

Buddhacha Mool siddhant

Download Link

Last Speech of Ambedkar

Download Link

Speech of Ramai

Download Link

Majhi Atmakatha

Download Link


Download Link

Adhar Bhim jhala

Download Link

Boudha Dhrmacha Rhyas Ani Pichehath

Download Link


Download Link

Anmol Khajina

Download Link

Hindavi Swarajacha Khoon

Download Link

Pusha Geet Mala

Download Link

Following books are available in hard copies to purchase:

  1. Majhi Atmakatha – Rs. 70/-
  2. Ramai (a truth novel) – Rs. 150/-
  3. Boudha Pooja Path
    (pali marathi – Rs. 12/-
  4. Devlancha Dhrma ani
    Dhramachi Devale – Rs. 15/-
  5. Dr. Ambedkaranche Akherache
    Bhashan – Rs. 15/-
  6. Mata Ramaiche Bhashan – Rs. 10/-
  7. Buddhacha Mool Siddhant – Rs. 15
  8. Vidhyarthyanni abhyas kasa
    karava? – Rs. 20/-
  9. Buddha Vandan (only pali)
    (pocket size) – Rs.5/-
  10. Hijada Ek Mard – Rs. 115/-
  11. Jeevanpath – Rs. 15/-

Forthcoming Books by Vinimay Publications

  • Administration and finance of the East India company (Marathi)
  • The problem of the Rupees : It’s Origin & It’s Solution (Marathi)
  • The Great Personality of
    Dr. Ambedkar
  • Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar in Photographs (His original photographs)
  • Sursamrat (a novel)
  • The Buddha & His Dhamma (Marathi)
  • How to Success in Love
  • Boudhanchya savlatinvar jalnaryana pratiuttar


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124 responses to “Marathi Books on Dr Ambedkar & Buddha (Free Download)

  1. Rahul Bhivsane

    I like this site,bcoz here is full of information about Dr Ambedkar JAi Bhim…


  2. Rajendra Ubale

    Collection Khup changle ahe. Ankhi book kollection vadhava .Amchya Sarkhya navodit Abhyasakala Ani Samajatil dhamma bandhavanna Apli web site farach upyogi ahe.Tumhas pudhil vaatchalisathi mangal kamana karto.



  3. Kailas

    Uttam pustake ahet yat Babasahebani lihilele granth marathitun asayala havet


  4. pramod

    thanks jay


  5. kalinda bhalerao

    Thanks..jai bhim.Namo buddhay.


  6. Amit Nagrare

    i like this site,because here is full of information about buddhism……Jai Bhim….Namo Buddhay……



    Jay Bhim Guys,

    This is the best thing i ever found on google search, its realy great pleasure for us.
    Jay Bhim
    i will definately forward this link to all of my friends and relatives & i would like to request all of my Buddhist friends to do so.
    thanks in advance. JAY BHIM


  8. “its a great pleasure for all followers of Dr.Ambedkar which provides us the valuable movement of Pra- Buddha Bharat reading makes a man perfect and this site will help to think over the new generation _____ BUDDHIST INDIA
    “JAI BHIM”


  9. Vishal Jadhav

    i love this site for providing such valuable literature on babasaheb & lord buddha..


  10. Milind K. Sable

    Best books available are here. Thank you.
    This site is very useful to those peoples who want to learn or achieve buddhist philosophy. Please downloaded or purchase these books.
    Again Thank you & Jai Bhim.


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