Tribute to Dr Ambedkar at Columbia University (USA)

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22 responses to “Tribute to Dr Ambedkar at Columbia University (USA)

  1. shailendra Gautam

    Dr. B R ambedeker is the great leaders in the world He created constitution of India He is the top student of Columbia university 🎓 of America


  2. Rajesh Kumar

    Nice information


  3. shakyaratn subodh

    nice information
    thanks to all team


  4. Naresh barik

    I love ambedkar


  5. sandip bharti

    Baba saheb is gretest man in india. He is 1st law minister in india. He is produce and gave india consisitute.

    They are always say firstly and lastly indian as well as lot of work done of dalit.
    He is provided reservation for only dalit and obc.

    Ima dalit.

    Very thankfully for gave me time to for reply.
    Your regarde sand bharti from india.
    My contact no +917057126982


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  10. Greatest intellectual and mercyful Leader of all era…in fact every indian should proud of him…Warm Regards,


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