Vote for BSP

Achievements of BSP in 1 Year: 

>675acre land distributed to SC/STs.
>98244 families received housing land.
>2657Km long roads construction.
>Jo zameen (land) sarkari hai wo zameen hamari hai. BSP distributed 1000s acres to poor.
>2075 Panchyat buildings made.
>When the whole Indian economy (Textile industry) suffering BSP created 12000 new jobs in Textile .
>Rs4662crore for slum dwellers & women
>Rs160cr for Savitribai Phule Balika Shiksha Madad Yojna
>Rs104cr for statues of Dalit icon
>10cr for Mahamaya Garib Balika Ashirvaad Yojna
>198cr for construction of Kanshiram memorial
>270cr for Ambedkar Sthal
>Rs 110crore for Ramabai Ambedkar Maidan
>Rs212Cr for scholarship to students of minority comm.
>Rs4845cr for improving infrastructure.
>Rs19037cr for improving education. 
>Rs.9846cr for power availability
>Rs7657cr for roads & bridges
>Rs6231cr for irrigation & flood control
>Recruitment of 88000 primary teachers
>20% tak crime kaam hue BSP ke rule me
>Jungle/Goonda Raj to Bhim Raj 

For complete detail of Achievements of BSP in one year do visit these following links: 

Important decisions for upliftment of SC/ST

Important decisions for upliftment of SC/ST/OBC “A New thought a new initiative”

Some Imp. & Historical decisions taken by U.P.Govt. in March 2008[1].pdf 

For updates on BSP’s election 2009 keep visiting

UP hui hamari hai, ab Delhi ki baari hai (UP is now ours, next is Delhi) and Gali, gali main macha hai shor, haathi chala Delhi ki aur (Every bylane echoes the elephant’s march to Delhi).

Vote BSP

>For Educated India 
>For Peace & progress of all 
>For Unbiased decisions 
>For Equality 
>For Social change
>For Removal of casteism.
>To remove backwardness/poverty,
>To improve status in society and public life.
>To fight against oppression and exploitation.

A Vote for BSP! Is a Vote for Entire Peoples’ Welfare, Happiness and Prosperity!

BSP only national alternative.

Want to see changed India? 

>Take Charge of India


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