Mayawati as a next PM

 “People who do not take charge of their lives are lathi-charged by time.”  — Kiran Bedi.

After watching the grand success of Mr. Barack Obama almost everyone wondered how a black can become President of most powerful nation in world? Most importantly Dalits of India started taking afresh dream which they are hoping to come true via Behan Mayawati. Behind the success story of Obama there is long story of using all the resources those can be used for effective campaigning, are we ready for all this?

Here is a detail of Obama’s campaign:

E-mails:   13 million people on the e-mail list, who received 7,000 variations of more than 1 billion e-mails.

Donors: 3 million online donors, who contributed 6.5 million times.

Social Network: 5 million friends on more than 15 social networking sites, 3 million friends on “Facebook” alone.

Website: 8.5 million monthly visitors to (at peak), 2 million profiles with 4, 00,000 blog posts, 35,000 volunteer groups that held more than 2,00,000 offline events, 70,000 functioning hubs that raised $30 million.

Videos: Nearly 2,000 official YouTube videos, watched more than 80 million times with 1, 35,000 subscribers, 4, 42,000 user generated videos on YouTube.

Mobile: 3 million signed up for the text messaging program, each received 5 to 20 messages per month.

Phone calls: 3 million personal phone calls placed in last 4 days of the campaign.

I am wondering if we (Dalit-Bahujans) those who want to see Behan-Mayawati as next Prime Minister of India doing enough for this? Coming elections is a great opportunity for all of us to bring change in India.

Few days ago news appeared “National Dalit Front” will support Mr. Paswan as next PM. It made me to think what founder of Bahujan Samaj Party, Babu Kanshi Ram had said in his book named “Chamcha Jug”. He had said “Hit the hand those operates the Chamchas.” Kanshi Ram has further advised us not to hit the Chamcha’s but hit the hands those operate such Chamchas (Congress operate) as there is endless list of Chamcha’s in our Samaj. If we’ll hit one of the Chamcha they’ll pick up next & next. But if we’ll hit the hands those pick such Chamcha’s they won’t dare to pick further!

For now our main concern should be how to capture political power in the coming elections.

I’ll ask everyone:

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