Let’s take Credit for Slums!

 “Success has many fathers & failure has none!” – English Saying.

A day before I saw two pigs fighting for taking credit that I have made the place dirtier, but the second one was saying no, it’s not you but it’s me who had made this place dirtier, I have pissed more than you.

Winning 8 OSCAR, UPA Govt. counts in the list of “UPA’s Achievements” (for providing “Danny Boyle” slums!)

All the politicians are feeling proud & why shouldn’t they take credit for what they have nourished from last 60 years (or say last 1000s years!)? I do agree that all these politicians along with Mumbai Mayors should have been nominated for “Best Supporting Actor” category! As you all know keeping slums is how much difficult in this recession period! Major credit of OSCAR should go to many of our dedicated politicians, without their dedicated efforts of disgusting corruption; such condition of slums wouldn’t be possible.

I don’t think heads of these politicians will bow in shame when common people are living in slums. Rather than taking some efforts to give education to slum people, giving security, providing them with good houses these politicians are fighting for taking credit that see we have created slums & we won OSCAR for it! Let’s create more slums so as next time we give clean sweep to rest of world at OSCAR awards?  Or I think next credit these politicians will take for Mumbai attacks that in our regime there were more terrorist attacks.

Same pigs I saw were again fighting over taking credit for fighting against terrorism. 1st pig said in my regime in whole country there were more than 85 bomb blasts in 6 months. 2nd pig claimed sees you have failed, in my regime there was a big Kargil War (1000s were killed, still wives, mothers of those heroes can’t believe that their husbands/sons are no more)! 2nd pig didn’t stopped here, he continued to claim see in the states where I am ruling like in Orissa we killed thousands innocent Christians, in Bihar just because of our dedicated corrupt efforts there was flood in Kosi river, in Karnataka we attacked on innocent women in ‘Pub” (In England it means nothing but a “Public House”, where people meet & have some refreshment but these pigs have misunderstood this as brothel) as we are the real supporters of Hindu culture, this all we made possible only through inefficiency & unlawfulness!

1st pig in my regime I made possible killing of Sikhs, 2nd pig replied in my regime I made possible killing of Christians, Muslims. (Forget about the condition of Dalits both pigs can take equal credit).

1st pig didn’t stopped here & how can he stop when there are many much things to take credit for? He said in my regime the number of children suffering from malnutrition went up from 15.5% to 19.1% while the number of kids under five with anemia rose from 74.2% to 79.2% though we have doubled the child specific schemes. Credit for this also goes to our dedicated corrupt, cunning politicians. 2nd pig was hopeful that they will be given chance in next elections to improve this tally & then he’ll see the 1st pig. Isn’t shameful that still millions children are deprived of their rights, food, security & health.

1st pig is tackling 2nd pig through “Bharat Nirman” that after coming again in power I’ll give cheap food to everyone (no need to give education & jobs as I am going to give 2kg rice free per month!). 2nd pig claimed that after coming to power i’ll run Rath Yatra throughout India, i’ll provide trishuls to everyone (so as they can kill Christians, Muslims, and Dalits easily), I’ll start Surya Namaskar in schools, (I’ll bring superstitious to schools), bring astrology to schools then everyone will get job!

I was stunned how these pigs are fighting & I preferred to leave those pigs fighting…come back to slums…

OSCAR winning movie showed clearly that children being tortured, forced into begging profession (highly paid!) in addition to all other evils like corrupt police force, brothels etc. Does 1st pig take credit for all of these?

People in slums are living in unimaginable poverty, stop taking credit for all these & work for improvement.

There were many more issues on which pigs wanted to take credit for, but till that time their landlord appeared & both disappeared!  Anyhow pigs will continue fighting & it’s time for all of us to think, do we want to see these pigs in parliament again? Think logically & this time VOTE FOR CHANGE!

“Life is yours, choice is yours”!

Jai HO! (Salute to our politicians!)


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