Mayawati to be next Indian PM: pollster (Lead)

Mayawati to be next Indian PM: pollster (Lead)

February 23rd, 2009 – 9:32 pm ICT by IANS London, Feb 23 (IANS) The coming Indian general elections are likely to lead to a Left-leaning government led by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati and supported from the outside by either the Congress or the BJP, a leading pollster predicted Monday. Yashwant Deshmukh, who runs the Team Cvoter polling firm and has covered more than 100 state and national elections in India, will tell leading British politicians this week that neither the Congress nor the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will be able to win a majority in elections to the Lok Sabha. In fact, he believes that both parties will see their number of seats dramatically reduced. “I am looking at the possibility of Mayawati leading a government of an assortment of political parties, barring the Samajwadi Party,” he told IANS ahead of Wednesday’s House of Commons briefing for British MPs, members of thinktanks and businessmen and investors. “This government would be formed with either inside- or outside-support from the Left parties. But it will need the support of either the Congress or the BJP from the outside. “In the current scenario either of them will do it because no one wants to be seen as trying to stop a Dalit woman from becoming prime minister. Coming in her way would be committing political harakiri.” Deshmukh said the post-election scenario was less clear than in previous years, but predicted: “This time round the Congress party will be the loser and the BJP will be the even bigger loser. Both will all need to give away a lot of power if they’re going to even come close to a majority.” Vikas Pota, managing director of the public relations firm Saffron Chase, which is organising the briefing, said the elections were expected to lead to a slowdown in the process of liberalisation in India. “It seems that the current world recession is leading to protectionist language from all nations. It will be difficult to grow the insurance, retail and banking sectors as a result,” he told The Guardian newspaper.

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One response to “Mayawati to be next Indian PM: pollster (Lead)

  1. Excellent workKindly visit:http://sarvajan.amedkar.orgPrime Ministerial candidate, Ms. Mayawati, aspirant of the coveted post, isplaying the hard ball. Proving her jealous critics wrong, Her adamant refusal to lead theformation and power claim of Third Front has confused her silent admirers even though her strident supporters remain unperturbed by it.BSP’s stint of successful electoral strategies and political tactics in this decade under the leadership of Mayawati makes it difficult toquestion wisdom of her decisions. Her judgment is driven by many considerations.BSP’s aggressive approach to make a dent into S.P.’s Muslim support base, will prove successful, and spell a doom on Mulayam-Amar duo. The Aboriginal Inhabitants of Jambudvipa, that is, the Great Prabuddha Bharath-Brahmin-Muslim equation is undefeatable in U.P that can gift BSP more than 75 seats in the state.


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